Soho Classical meets Kirsten Morrison

Kirsten Morrison is a composer and singer, and is classically trained with a BMus, MA, and diploma in music for film. She has worked extensively as a freelance musician and has written and performed in many musical genres, including classical, pop, opera and theatre as well as for film, tv and radio.

When did you start composing and why?

I played violin and piano as a child. And had a great American violin teacher who would always use the last 5 minutes of the lesson to say “Just play – make it up – whatever comes into your head” from about the age of 9 so I wasn’t afraid to improvise which eventually led to writing short pieces as a teenager, then writing songs and eventually studying composition as part of my music degree.

What is your favourite piece of music for your chosen instrument?

Bach A minor violin concerto

Describe your music in 3 words.

Eclectic, other-worldly, genre-less.

Tell us your first memory of London.

Born here! Nice early memory is of the funfair at Hampstead Heath.

What is one piece of classical music you couldn’t live without?

L’Apres-midi d’un faune – Debussy

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