Soho Classical meets Hior Chronik

Enjoy the new video for Hior’s ‘Whispers from the Surface of a Lake’ – out now on 7K!
When did you start playing the piano and why?
After some years of working in music, mostly in atmospheric – ambient music
and after some collaborations with pianists, I thought that I had to try it by myself
to play the piano. It’s one of my favorite instruments and the most delicate sound
that gives more emotions to my compositions. There are so many great pianists to
neoclassical music scene that I feel I don’t have to give something new. But to combine
the piano with drone sounds and strings is a challenge for me to make this scene sound
less sweet and more close to our inner dark emotions and thoughts. When I say “dark”,
I mean the hidden side of our inner world which we have to face our worries or fears
without to care how comfortable makes us feel.
What is your favourite piece of music for the piano?
“Alina” from Arvo Part. Sounds so simple but its not. Also the feeling I got from this album made me feel like im standing in the middle of everything in my life.
Describe your own music in 3 words.
Cinematographic – Meditate – Peace
Full of Love.
Tell us your first memory of London.
I have never been to London so I don’t have an opinion but I’m looking forward to bring my music there as well. Then I will have a memory…
What is one piece of classical music you couldn’t live without?  
Really difficult to answer this question because there is not only one piece in my heart but…
I would say John Cage “In a Landscape” from 1948. It follows me everywhere.


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